Opening festival. Day 2

Today there has been a lot of hustle and cleaning in baobab since morning. This can only mean one thing... This is the third day of the official opening of our safe place.

We kicked it off with a tour around baobab for our newly arrived guests. We showed them all the rooms and corners, as well as baobab's underground, where the remains of the former bank are located.

For our youngest, we prepared a painting workshop where kids, with the help of colorful paints, created splendid pictures.

At the same time, the smell of gingerbread and cake was spreading all around baobab from the kitchen. Our workshop on baking and making gingerbread houses had begun. The participants found it very interesting and they had a chance to show off their cooking and artistic skills.

It also wasn't boring in the light workshop. Ewelina Kruszyńska prepared a workshop on creating kokedama. The participants got to learn about the basics of a Japanese planting technique where plants are grown in hanging balls and explained how to cultivate and care for such plants.

Around 150 people (Yep! We counted!) gathered in the welcome room after 6pm, that's how popular the concert of scholarship holders of the Homo Faber Association Development Scholarship Program was. The baobab space was filled with a musical atmosphere. Young musicians from Ukraine presented their songs to us. We could admire their performance of their songs, accompanied by piano, guitar, violin and accordion.

Members of the Belarusian Literary Club “Deep, deep, at the bottom of a cup of coffee” also performed on stage. They read the play The Tired Devil, written by the famous Belarusian playwriter Siergiej Kowalow. The author of the piece was also at the meeting and in a conversation with baobab revealed a secret of Belarusian literature: “We all complain that someone else is to blame for our mistakes. This is a traditional theme for Belarusian literature”. This meeting finished the third and last day of the grand opening of baobab.

However, this is not the end... Our doors will be open for you every day. You can brew tea, drink coffee, eat a cake and relax here. This also is a place for people looking for a safe space for integration and meetings. We will be organizing various workshops and events for you, to which you are most welcome. Follow our website, Facebook and Instagram where we will post updates about the upcoming events. We will be glad to see you there!

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