Light workshop

Sewing, embroidery, flowers and cakes.

In the space of the light workshop, we make mostly household and decorative items. We sew, embroider, arrange bouquets, and cook delicious dishes. We learn under the guidance of the best specialists and also share our own skills. We try to create good conditions so that you can work and develop your skills in a friendly and comfortable space.

All residents of Lublin are invited to the workshop. Classes are held mainly in Polish, but we offer translation into other languages if necessary. We also hope that the universal idea of craft and working with hands, which is similar on all continents, will allow us to understand and get to know each other better.

Feel free to drop by and chat with us, attend one class or a whole course. We are looking forward to seeing you!

The coordinator of the light workshop is Ewelina Kruszyńska: