Heavy workshop

Welcome to the Heavy Workshop - a place that seeks to attract all tinkering enthusiasts. Here you will get a spacious place and professional tools that will enable you to make repairs and create your own projects - from furniture to electronics and practical items.

It is here, during workshops, that you will explore the secrets of using tools and discover new techniques for creating useful things. 

Although we conduct most workshops in Polish, support in other languages is available if the need arises.

We believe that cooperation builds, and building together opens the way to fruitful cooperation. The Heavy Workshop values openness and also invites you during time free from workshops. Here, you can realize your own projects, using the available tools and with support of our experienced instructor.

We invite you to the Heavy Workshop - a place where your passion will turn into tangible and practical achievements. Here, your ideas will take shape, and your skills will be developed to the fullest extent. Join us and explore the world of creativity in the Heavy Workshop!

If you plan to visit us when we are open, please register in advance (REGISTRATION)