Baobab is a space of a former bank. We'll tell you about it 🙂


This impressive building consists of the main, over 350 square meters, bright and spacious hall, which we call the Welcome Room. Here's what you can find there:

  • A space to rest, drink water, coffee or tea;
  • Multicultural Library;
  • Community Centre - a group of people providing daily assistance to refugees;
  • An open stage inviting you to organize talks, meetings or concerts;
  • Children's Corner;
  • A bathroom that's available to all.

Up next you can proceed up the beautiful wooden stairs (unfortunately, as if for now, the stairs are not yet accessible to people with physical disabilities).


There are a number of rooms on both sides of the corridor. These rooms are places where a lot happens every day, such as:

  • language lessons,
  • psychological advice,
  • law advice,
  • everyday work of Lublin organizations,
  • so-called "light" workshop,
  • dayroom for children,
  • a kitchen where you can meet, talk and learn about different cultures during workshops, using your own hands and palates.

At the end of the corridor, behind glass doors, you can find a place to work, manage and organize help, as well as come up with new ideas. People from Homo Faber, co-workers, associates and members of other organizations work there.



Our baobab, just like the stunning tree, has solid roots. There are two basement levels in the building, fortunately with windows 😉


Here you will find places for more manual work, including a "heavy" (carpentry, metal and electric) workshop, as well as a space for Ukrainian scouts from the "Płast" organization.


At the lowest, on -2, there is room for exercise, and dancing, as well as meetings and workshops in larger groups. And - as in many similar facilities - warehouses and storerooms.