Vyshyvanka Day

Vyshyvanka is a richly embroidered shirt. Each one is different, each - unique. On Saturday we celebrated Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day at baobab. As part of the celebration, everyone could tell their story and demonstrate their unique shirt. You can see the diversity of embellishments and colors that filled the day here. 

And here are the stories told by our guests:

  • My vyshyvanka is beautiful and unique, my grandmother brought it for me from Kyiv.
  • It is the most valuable thing in my closet. It is fully embroidered and was sewn by my mother.
  • It's a talisman that will stay with me forever.

Pesident of the Homo Faber association Anna Dabrowska also shared the story behind her vyshyvanka which she received as a thank you gift for her activity: One trip was the beginning of a huge lesson in who Ukrainians are, what Ukrainian traditions are, what an important role these embroidered shirts play in these traditions and people's family histories. And years later, in the most difficult times you have to live in, and, actually, so do we, as your neighbors, I received this beautiful embroidered shirt as a token of gratitude for my activity. <...> I haven't worn this shirt yet, it is waiting for the time when the war will end, Ukrainians will reclaim their state, we will celebrate together, and then I will wear this shirt for this celebration.

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