The Club of the Young in Spirt

Don't be misled by its name, "The Club of the Young in Spirt" has nothing to do with spirits.... It is a group of people gathering in our safe space. People of all ages who want to talk and spend time together. Each participant of the club has some fascinating interests, so conversations will certainly not be boring. The main idea od the club is that there are no limitations and everyone can make their dreams come true.

At the first meeting we had the opportunity to get to know each other better, it was suggested that each participant tell us briefly about themselves - introduce themselves and say what they would like to do during the meetings of the club. Interesting ideas were expressed, such as going on an walk around the city together, or seeing Zalew Zemborzycki. It was also suggested that for the next meeting each participant should bring something to eat. Something tasty which they will prepare in their own way, as they do it at home. To get to know each other better the participants wrote questions on cards and then asked them to each other.

Meetings of the club will be held every two weeks. That's it for now... see you at the next meeting of the young in spirit!

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