Opening festival 1-2 of March

Residents and neighbours of Lublin! Let's meet on march 1 and 2, 2023, to spend time together during joint workshops, meetings, conversations, walks and artistic activities and make plans about how we imagine our friendliest place in Lublin. We will be pleased to host you and create this place together, with You.


1st March 2023


Workshop "Light tailoring" NO PLACES”

We will be sewing a lot in the light workshop. So we invite you to the first training in machine operation. As a part of your learning, you will sew a very simple item, and above all, you will learn how to thread a thread and choose the right stitch. Feel free to visit us, talk, tailor your trousers (we will help ;), try your skills on a trial basis and maybe even stay for the whole course.
Entry is free. This workshop is conducted in Polish.

Course for: adults and young people.

Location: 1st floor, room No. 15

Guide: Sylwia Kur




Workshop "Good morning!"

With this workshop, we want to welcome you to baobab - invite you to our new, "light" studio/workshop, introduce ourselves and talk about plans for the coming months. We will take care of bringing cookies and coffee, while Sylwia Kur - the founder of the Silvestris brand, will introduce you to the secrets of hoop embroidery. We will embroider small pictures for the greeting wall in various (your) languages.

Free entry. This workshop is conducted in Polish.

Course for: adults

Location: 1st floor, room No. 15.

Guide: Sylwia Kur



The opening of the exhibition "On the territory of Poland" - The gate at the entrance to baobab
Exhibition of works by participants of classes from the District House of Culture "Bronowice". Children from Ukraine and Poland in their works depicted different places of Poland - cultural monuments, events, traditions, places of joy and peace. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the District House of Culture "Bronowice" and the cultural space "Baobab". Children's painting teacher - Olena Kovalenko.


Concert - Assef Salloom from Syria and Sean Magavu from Zimbabwe

Assef Salloom came to Poland in the spring of 2013, escaping war-torn Syria with his family. He is a man of many talents. In 2015, he was recognized as the best foreign student in doctoral studies in Poland. He speaks 7 languages, teaches languages ​​at the university, runs his own educational centre for children and the Center for Arabic Language and Culture in Lublin, and he's also a musician.

A small group of students from different countries decided to form a band that would allow them to present their talents in another country. This is how The Helping Hand was born. Most of the band members came from countries where music and other art forms are not supported by institutions like Chatka Żaka, so they were very excited to finally be able to perform live regularly. Their concerts are a real volcano of energy. They are the echo of the pandemic and their goal is to unleash the smiles hidden under the masks. They will make you cry with laughter.

Location: Welcome room, ground floor

You can watch this concert for free

Event for: adults, young people, children



Oriental dance show

Students and dancers of the oriental dance school "AktivGen" run by Iwona Torbicka will present themselves to you. The school offers classes at various levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced groups. During the 16 years of the existence of oriental dance classes at the school, Iwona Torbicka has raised many students who not only follow in her footsteps passing the acquired knowledge to subsequent groups of students but also successfully participate in numerous national and international oriental dance competitions, performing at concerts, integration events or other celebrations. Dance of the Layla, Yalla, Omi or Zeina groups gives the viewers joy and a sense of beauty.

Location: Welcome room, ground floor

You can watch this dance show for free.

Event for: adults, young people, children


2nd March 2023


Gingerbread house baking and building workshop BRAK WOLNYCH MIEJSC

It has been known for a long time that the best meetings and the most beautiful relationships are built around a common table. We invite you to bake and build gingerbread houses together. Let the workshop be an introduction to building our common home together - a place where we will all feel good and where the festive atmosphere will be present every day.

Free entry. This workshop is conducted in Ukrainian, and Polish and with the possibility of translating into English.

Workshop has no age restrictions. Every age is welcome.

Location: kitchen, I floor

Guide: Olena Sarnavska, Iryna Shestak



17:00 – 19:00

Kokedama workshop BRAK WOLNYCH MIEJSC

Kokedama is a japan technique of growing plants in swinging balls. Thanks to this workshop you will know how to do this type of arrangement, which materials and plants to use and finally how to take care of them.

Free entry.

This workshop is conducted in Polish.

Event for: adults

Location: light workshop - I floor, room No. 15

Guide: Ewelina Kruszyńska



18:00 – 19:00

Scholarship holders of the Development Scholarship Program of the Homo Faber Association concert.

On March 2nd 2023 at 18:00 we want to invite you to the musical concert performed by young musicians - scholarship holders of the Programme. Ukrainian youth would present pieces for piano, violin, accordion and bayan. You will also hear the sounds of bandura and sopilka - unique Ukrainian musical instruments. These will include well-known and popular works by Ukrainian and Western European composers, solo performances and music bands created as part of the Programme's activities. Young artists, which we will be hosting on the Baobab stage, came to Lublin from various corners of Ukraine. They are winners and finalists in international music competitions. They performed countless times on native Ukrainian, Polish and foreign stages.

Location: Welcome room, ground floor

You can watch this concert for free.

Event for: adults, young people, children



Performative reading of The Tired Devil by Siarhei Kawaloŭ, directed by Dzmitier Ciszko.

Perform members of the Belarusian Literary Club "Deep-deep at the bottom of the coffee cup". The play Tired Devil was written by Siarhei Kawaloŭ, a well-known Belarusian playwright who has lived in Lublin since 1993. It is a new interpretation of an old story about meeting the devil, which has attracted attention many times over the centuries.



1st March 2023; 4 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.

2nd March 2023; 4 p.m. and 5.30 p.m.


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