Opening festival. Day 1

Let March 1, 2023 be a happy date for us all. We've been waiting for this day for a very long time. Starting early in the morning, we prepared for the second day of opening our safe, friendly space.

At the beginning, people could try their sewing skills by taking part in a workshop - "easy tailoring". Under the supervision of Sylwia Kur, the founder of the Silvestris brand, the participants created exquisite patterns and decorations. At the end, they could take their works home.

3D mosaic workshops were aimed at our youngest. It was there that children could learn the technique of creating three-dimensional art.

We also took you on a tour of the rooms and nooks and crannies of our building. People taking part in the tour could tried their hand at opening a real bank safe, or get to know the rooms they would be able to visit in the future. There was also a small treat in the kitchen...

The light workshop was busy all day long. The next workshop right after "easy tailoring" was an embroidery workshop - "Good Morning". Participants in the workshop, using a special stitch technique, created inscriptions "good afternoon" in several languages.

We were also honored by the presence of Assef Salloom from Syria. We had the pleasure of listening to his concert in baobab's welcome room. The audience was delighted and at times sang together with Assef. We also had a female highlight of the evening, Tadiwanashe Mudoti from Zimbabwe stole the listener's hearts with her performance of the song "Scars To Your Beatiful".

The performance of the Canaan group caused quite an interest among the audience. The Artists from an international group had prepared various performances for us. They showed, among other things, a short drama for the hearing impaired, performed a solo song and prepared a speech titled "How to get yes always". At the end, they presented a poem about Africa. "This will be the most important 5 minutes of your life, during which you will learn everything about Africa" - said one of the participants of the Canaan group, presenting the African culture to us.

At the end of the second day of opening baobab there was an oriental dance show by dancers from the dance school "AktivGen", under the supervision of Iwona Torbicka. The dance performances added variety to the last hour of Wednesday's opening, and the audience could feel a real dose of energy. A chilling "Mariupol" dance show performed by Katia (a resident of Mariupol) conveyed to us the emotions she experienced from the first day of the war until the complete occupation of the city.

With this dancing highlight, the second day of opening our safe space has come to an end. However, we are not saying goodbye to you... Tomorrow we will have more interesting events and workshops for you, to which we kindly invite you.

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