Official opening of baobab

It's official - we're open! 

Yesterday, we kicked off with the festival of opening a safe and welcoming inclusive space for new residents of the city - baobab - with a formal sponsorship meeting.

We had the pleasure of hosting representatives of organizations without which this place wouldn't have a chance to exist:

Mayor of Lublin Krzysztof Żuk and Miasto Lublin

Anna DąbrowskaStowarzyszenie Homo Faber
Kevin Allen Representative UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency
Ana Povrzenic Danish Refugee Council
Marina DubakinaIKEA
Monika Szczygieł-Gołębiowska, Łukasz Zalewski STRABAG

The meeting began with a press briefing, where the results of the hard, but far-reaching and graceful cooperation were being discussed and also-shown. Journalists received answers to their questions, and guests were given a tour of the baobab building and saw the various sections of the help and assistance.

At the opening ceremony, Partners shared the information on why they got involved in supporting humanitarian and integration activities carried out by the Lublin Social Committee for Ukraine. Another highlight of the program was a panel discussion "Lublin Helps - one year after the invasion of Ukraine, what we have done and where we are".

The main Partners involved in the creation of the baobab and people who distinguished themselves during the work, directed to help Ukraine, received medals of the Lublin Mayor "Lublin Heroes".

And we will continue to work!!!

Photo Bartek Żurawski

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