Meeting with the Ukrainian author Taras Bond

On Saturday, baobab hosted a meeting with Ukrainian writer Taras Bond. The author of many scientific publications and fiction books told the readers about the beginning of his writing journey, shared what helps him write, and read aloud a few interesting fragments of his works.

The meeting began with a discussion of the novel Eternity for Sale, which won an award in the international contest Coronation of the Word. “The book is about something that has interested us since the very beginning - the possibility of not growing old. I assumed that there was a scientist who'd solved the riddle - found substances that block the cell's ability to destroy itself,” stated the author. The writer also shared his writing method: “I think the most important thing is routine work when you force yourself to write these 6 thousand words a day.”

Another book which was presented, European Chronicles, is, as Taras himself put it, travel notes from a trip around European cities and how easy it is to get lost in those cities. The author believes, “Traveling is a good opportunity to learn something new about the world, relax, and reboot your computer”.

At the end of the meeting, each participant had the opportunity to ask questions and buy a book signed by the author. The funds raised will be used to help refugees from Ukraine.

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