LATOROŚLE - how it was

It's been... what a week it's been. That's how we can sum up the series of summer workshops for children aged 10-12 years old - "Latorośle" - taking place since Monday at baobab. There was no shortage of artistic, educational and dance activities. Above all, it was an opportunity for our youngest to have a lot of fun and integrate.

So there was a lot going on. Where? In fact, on each floor of baobab. Downstairs, in the heavy workshop, kids mainly could practice their construction and technical skills.

On the first day of "Latorośle", a 3D printing workshop was held there. Sonia Fedziukovich showed the little ones how a 3D printer works. In addition to printing models, children had the opportunity to build a bat house, they could also make wooden animals with their own hands, as well as paracord bracelets. Both boys and girls worked hard under the watchful eye of Pawel Nowak.

In the light workshop on the second floor, children developed their artistic skills. Ewelina Kruszyńska showed the little ones how to sew backpacks. After the class was over, each participant was able to throw one on their back and take it home with them. In addition to these classes, workshop participants also learned the basic techniques of macramé - the art of string tying, and kokedama - the creation of hanging plants.

There was also a soap-making workshop with Sonia Fedziukovich and Pavel Nowak and a "Papercraft" workshop where children made a paper octopus penholder. It was led by Wiktoria Bereźniak. 

Workshop participants also got the opportunity to create a podcast and try themselves at recording. We talked to the children about what the podcast is for them as well as about the best day in their life. Alena Podviazkina was in charge of making the recordings.

There were also psychological workshops. Among others there was art-therapy, during which children, in the form of games, learned to recognize and express their emotions, and art-therapy was a way to think about and accept them.

During another psychological workshop, Cooperation - learning to work and communicate in a team, participants talked about the principles of communication. Through interesting and engaging games, the kids learned about verbal and non-verbal communication and what can hinder it. The workshop was led by Anastasiia Savchenko, Bozhena Kajdan, Iryna Yarets and Olha Sedletska.

Friday began with a musical highlight. Children had the opportunity to play drums, and Sylwia Lasok with the LATOROSLE drumming band made sure that we started the weekend with a musical tempo.

Szymon Pietrasiewicz and Olga Taran took care of the physical fitness of our little ones. The caps games and oriental dance classes, gave kids a chance to stretch their muscles.

On that note we end this very busy week at baobab. Thanks to our little ones for coming in such large numbers and participating in the workshops!

Photographer - Bartek Zurawski

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