Igor Havrylov

Coordinator of the refugee accommodation

Igor's volunteering adventure began with assisting the employees of the Municipal Family Support Center in March 2022 when many refugees arrived in Lublin. In the dormitory where he lives, he became the coordinator of the Refugee Assistance Point. Then, in April, his paths crossed with the Taiwanese association TZU CHI, which proved to be incredibly warm-hearted during the organization of aid for Ukrainian refugees. Together with them, he traveled many kilometers, working for the sake of compatriots.

"Together with my friends, we provide assistance to the sick and suffering, accompanying them during doctor's visits, purchasing medication, and handling many bureaucratic matters. We also help young people adapt to life in Poland and collaborate with numerous public benefit organizations, such as organizing job fairs. Thanks to Homo Faber, we have been able to organize free Polish language classes for adults and children, as well as provide psychological and legal assistance - so essential in these difficult times for us."